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How to move from Android to iPhone and their issues


In this article, we will discuss on the how to move from android to iPhone about this application and their issues. How to move data from Android, move to the iOS application, how to use a code, code for a wait and set up your device. 

Today, iPhone is very popular and swift device in the market. If we are talking about the interface of the iPhone then this has the best interface. And you need here’s like that the iOS 9, iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 2nd generation and other one is the Android version. 

1-How to move data from Android. 

2- Move to iOS application 

3- Wait for the code 

4- Use for the code       

How to move data from Android: 

Whenever you want to set up your new device and look for the App and data screen. Then click on the move data from the android. This is just like as the setup and start over if you have any query related to this then in this condition, you can easily visit us on the iPhone Support Number

Move to the iOS application: 

If you have the android device open this, and open the application you have otherwise download this the name of this application is the is iOS application and click on the continue after that read the terms and condition. To click on the continue and click on the next screen and find the code screen. 

Wait for the code: 

In your iOS device, and click on the continue on the screen and move from the android. And after some time you get a code with the six digit. If you have not get this six digit code then your internet connection is weak.    

Issues of this when moving you android from iOS: 

1-Change the interface and looking for the interface is not well and a setting is changed in any manners.  

2- When you move one device to the another device then in this condition your phone is not working with the good interface and another problem is the hang problem. 

3- Application is not working with good because operating system changes and both have the different interface for the operating system. 

4- and another issue is the internet issue internet is connect and disconnect properly so in this condition you can easily visit us on the iPhone tech support number

Post by asusroutersupportnumber (2017-08-11 04:43)

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