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Gmail For business (G suite Support)


G suite is a brand of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, introduced in August 2006. It has been specifically designed for business purpose as it is free for consumers.

G suite adds custom enterprise features such as unlimited cloud storage, additional Administrative tools, and custom email address at a domain (@nameofyourcompany.Com).


  • Calendar
  • Google+
  • Hangout
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Forms
  • Sites
  • Slides
  • Drive
  • Cloud search
  • Admin vault
  • G suite training


  • Add users and Manage services- To let the people in your surroundings use G suite and to manage them in your account, you could use Google admin console. This could be done by any supported device.
  • Layers of security and privacy- 2-step verification and anti-spoofing provided by G suite add fortified security to combat unusual activities in the premium accounts as well in free user accounts.
  • Switching business Email to Gmail- Users you add in your G suite account gets an Email address at the domain you created at the time of signing up for the account. They could use this address with your G suit Gmail service. If they are using this address with your old mail server then it is not a problem but if you have switched to new mail then mail would not be flowing into their Gmail account until the MX record of the domain gets changed to Google servers. Contact Gmail Tech Support for more clarification.
  • Sign in Admin G suite account-
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username/Email address and password.
  • Switch between multiple Gmail accounts- If you have multiple Gmail accounts such as Gmail account and G suite account then:
  1. Install Chrome browser.
  2. Create chrome profile for each account.

Why G suite support?

In spite of friendly interface, a new user finds it difficult to cope up with it in the very beginning. This problem is not limited to just a new user but also encircles technical errors. So, if you are an existing user, you could encounter multiple technical issues. To get over these issues, seek asylum in

Post by asusroutersupportnumber (2017-08-11 08:57)

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